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Marsapalooza Arcade Twitch command sheet

Bits and quick video/audio commands


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COMMANDS ^_^  ::PLZ use in fun::

!!!Want us to find or create a custom cue for you? Let us know in our chat!!

FREE commands!
Enjoy at your own risk!
More coming soon!

!!!- Metal Gear alert

!66- Executive order 66

!69- Sexy saxaphone melody

!badflute- Titanic melody bad

!baja- Hank Hill is thirsty

!bird- …bird is the word

!bong- Taco Bell 'bell'

!britney- Its Britney b*tch!

!champions- We are the champions...

!crickets- crickets chirping or bad joke

!dadjoke- Seinfeld cue

!damn- DAAAAAAAAMMNN! [Friday]

!death- Super Mario death cue

!dickhead- Why you being a dickhead? 

!dodge- Can’t touch this…

!doh- Homer Simpson cue

!dolphin- Censored cue from Spongebob

!dramatic- build up for drama

!fast- "I’m fast as f*ck boi!"

!fatality- Mortal Kombat cue

!fly- I believe I can flyyy….

!fuck- F*ck this sh*t, i’m out…

!gotcha- Gotcha b*tch!

!goteem- HA! Got eem!

!haha- Simpsons’ Nelson laugh

!help- Michael Jordans’ counseling ad

!illuminati- Aliens…

!money- Shane O' Mac theme
!myheart- Titanic melody good

!nooo- Darth Vader cue

!ohno- Knuckles reference

!ohyeah- Ohhh yeah…

!oldspice- whistle

!pikathunder- Pikachu using Thunder

!rick- Take a guess ;)

!run- Run b*tch…RUN!

!surprise- Surprise m*ther f*cker!

!victory- Final Fantasy VII fanfare

!waka- Pac-Man eating pellets

!whocares- Peter Griffin cue

!wow- Anime WOW

channel point commands!
Being worked on.
Coming soon!

!aol- AOL commercial [1997]

!cookies- Cookie Crisp commercial [1993]

!crash - Sony Playstation ad [1994]

!credit- At Eastern Motors….

!double- doublemint gum commercial [1992]

!fresh- Mentos commercial [1994] 

!genesis - Genesis does what Nintendon’t

!gotohell- Baltimore gimmick car sales ad

!hot- Sears new Central air unit [1994?]

!juicy- Juicy Fruit gum ski ad [1987]

!life2- xChristine making fun of me in Zelda 2 :(

!mall- Rare Mondawmin Mall commercial [90’s]

!mall2- Rare Eastpoint Mall commercial [90’s]

!megaman - BanDai Mega Man action figures ad

!mrp- Chuck E Cheeses Mr. P ad [rare]

!night- Blockbuster Night ad [1994]

!red- KIDS BGE commercial [90’s]

!shame- Scott Donahoo KIA AD [90’s]

!skip- Tiger “Skip-it” toy ad [90’s]

!shop- Stop, Shop, & Save local market ad [80’s]

!trap - Mouse Trap game ad [1987]

!wheelchair - Hoverround wheelchair ad [1994?]

Bit commands!
Show appreciation to the stream with
bits and enjoy these clips.

Not yet ready

5- Bob Barker gets boo'd

45 - Billy Dee Williams Colt45 ad

69 - Price is Right [Drew Carey loses it]

100- Lady bids $1 and wins?

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