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wanna perform?

Details coming soon on how you can be a performer at our next event.




discord located here.


902 South Charles St.

Baltimore, MD


GameOn is a 90’s themed bar + arcade with a fun retro vibe! The Annapolis location is open and pumping, while the Baltimore location in Fed Hill recently opened! We love having a good time so come on in and let's get this party started! Walk-ins welcome.

Just a few blocks east of the Hamburg Street Light Rail station located on South Charles Street at Henrietta.

GameOn is the new host of a possible 4th Sunday series in the weekend event of sorts in future plans of a larger gaming event to come!

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Register here!

- Tournament starts at 5pm sharp. Please be as early as 4pm for check in and roll call. Event doors and friendlies as early as 2pm!


Thanks for registering. Cya at the event! Bring friends to cheer you on!

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