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Marsapalooza brings its 2nd in-person Pokemon gaming event & Tournament in Baltimore! Look out sometime in 2023!




battle tournament rules

​- Players use the gen 4 random battle format, playing in a best of 3 set.
- Pokemon teams, their moves, and items [if any] are chosen at random.

- The tournament organizer will start a 5-minute timer in Showdown once both players signal they're good to go.

-90 second breaks are given in between battles.

-Tournament is a single elimination bracket


mini-game challenge rules

*Bring some friends for encouragement if you'd like to play for the best experience!

- Participating players are organized into pools of 4.
- Each pool will play 3-4 mini-games in a row
- At the beginning of each pool, players move on one mini-game that will be removed from consideration. Otherwise, each mini-game will be selected randomly using a wheel.
- The order in which each player finishes each game will be recorded by the tournament organizer (make sure to report your results if you don't see one after your mini-game ends).
- Points will be awarded based on results, with 1st place getting the most and 4th getting the least.
- At the end of the 3 (or 4) rounds, the players with the top 2 point totals move on to the next round. This process repeats until the final 4 players compete for the tournament title in the final.

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