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Wanna come to the big event? Select a choice below, and can't wait to see you!

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NYE admission


General Admission event pass

For New Years eve only. Drinks are included while supplies last!

nye silver sponsor {limited}

$25 ($20 + $5 donation)

-Special Thank you package upon arrival. Must be one of the 1st 25 persons to qualify.

-Special shoutout IRL!
-Special ribbon added to badge

nye gold sponsor {limited}

$40 ($20 + $20 donation)

-1 hour early access with all the DONOR perks
-VIP to our Twitch channel and Discord server*
-On-Air time with the Marsapalooza crew IRL!
-Custom command in Twitch chat*

*Sales are at-the-door-ONLY. Location >>HERE<<
**1st 25 people to register in person get a special THANK YOU gift!

Any and ALL donations goes toward the growth of Marsapalooza as far as staff, maintenance of materials, and ways to further better the community. Donations are never asked for, but are humbly accepted and appreciated <3

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