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what is marsapalooza exactly?

Mars.a.palooza is a retro gaming showcase based in Baltimore, Maryland. Started officially in 2009 as a dance party selling branded "MARSLOX", cyber hair extensions, which began in 2006. It was then rebranded and changed to Marsapalooza: Arcade as the vision of the dance party shifted towards the interest in a video game party with the influence of the known gaming festival MAGfest in 2011. View the official timeline of Marsapalooza SOON!

 Mars.a.palooza provides an escape from reality for many with the combination of classic video and other games, retro commercials/movies, and 80's style music. Helping to bring back memories from your youth and be able to connect and share with strangers alike and in better strengthen the people around you as well as yourself through means of classic gaming and TV. 


Marsapalooza will be for all-ages. All are welcome to enter. Predominately geared but not limited to the video game community, cosplay community, musicians, artists, and competitive gamers.

Overall, this is a fun project for me, and why not share my fun to use for a city that needs the love?

Mars can't be awesome alone. See 'em in person or in stream? Show some love.




*Live stream comms



mr. patch

*2nd in command

*Live stream comms


*Known Mars 5 years


raven of fury

*Tabletop guru

*Stream support/VIP

*Known Mars 5 years

Screenshot 2022-09-04 at 12-31-17 Gallery marsapalooza.png


*Event Chef

*setup crew

*Known Mars 4 years


niecy red

*Emote artist

*Character designer


*Known Mars 15 years


agent j

*Setup crew

*Stage/lighting crew

*Event photographer

*Known Mars 4 years



*Setup crew

*Digital flyer artist


*Known Mars 3 years



*Event Bartender

*Event special creator

*Known Mars 13 years

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