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Welcome to the SPECIALS menu. To be able to partake, one must purchase an admission entry pass. All specials are per event and limited based on supply and location while supplies last. Any questions, just ask us!

specials menu

Hurricane Kick

Spiced Rum, Pineapple, Cranberry, Lime, Energy drink

Fire Spin

Whiskey, Pineapple, Cranberry, cherry, splash of cinnamon whiskey

*Golden Gun 

Gold Tequila, Orange Curacao, OJ, sprite, lemonade

*Alucard's Blood

Dry red wine, Black raspberry, hint of cherry bitters.

booze-free selection

*Pika Juice [debuted 2012*]

Lemonade, OJ, Sour, Soda Water with cherries.

*Squirtle Soda [debuted 2016*]

 Blue Raspberry. Lemon pucker, soda water. Tart, but SUPER GOOD!

*Pong Punch

Cranberry, lemonade, grenadine, lime sweetner, tonic

More Coming soon!!!!


Donations are accepted, but not asked for nor required. Please drink responsibly and respect the venues so that we may hold future events. <3

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